My mum is from MA, my dad is from AZ but their love story began in the seaside wonder of Newport, RI. They moved to California just a few weeks before I was born but somehow New England had captured my heart before there was a twinkle in my eye.

Every time we would visit MA my heart would fill with a longing to stay. To revel in being near family, honoring traditions, and the sheer stunning natural beauty; even the freeways were beautiful to this Southern CA girl! As I grew, the dream grew as well. My cousin's wedding in Queeche, VT was a weekend-long event that celebrated not only their love but the immense charm and darling goodness of this dreamy New England village. There was something for everyone: a welcome dinner, pre-ceremony antique shopping, late afternoon ceremony followed by a parade through town to the reception (what??), dinner and dancing into the night, and even a golf tournament and outdoor lunch the next day. During cleanup, a fast-moving thunderstorm chased my teenage cousins and me into a dilapidated barn to wait it out. The sound of the rain pounding on the tin roof, the gorgeous scenery just beyond the historic posts and beams, and the abundant feeling of being safe, secure and inspired were intoxicating; it was too much goodness! As I soaked it all in, I felt the dream expand and grow in ways that I couldn’t put into words as a teen but the dream and I had become inseparable. I knew one day not only would I live in New England but I would have my own old, beautiful barn in which to dream and share and my heart would feel like it was bursting at the seams every single day.

As an adult, I packed three times for a cross-country move only to unpack twice, still in CA. But as they say, the third time was a charm and here I am. No stranger to waiting as other long-time dreams weren’t operating on my time schedule this one thought sustained me, “God knows, and he isn’t mean.” I’m continuously in awe by just how much he knows and how these gifts are immeasurably more than all I could have asked for or imagined.

The moment I drove down the long driveway of the Phineas Wright House and allowed my eyes to rest upon the beautiful barn that graciously awaited our acquaintance, I was transported. I imagined people walking around the lawns and gardens, a glass of champagne in hand, and enjoying the escape and oasis that this place provides. It’s simply too much goodness for one family and I absolutely must share it. To celebrate this compulsion and to validate my long-term belief that EVERYTHING is better with a friend, the majority of our offerings, virtual and in-person, include a free admission so you can share the experience with your bestie. It is my desire that everyone that experiences the Phineas Wright House feels welcomed, anticipated, and celebrated in the most generous way possible.

I’m equally committed to sharing all the goodness with others dreaming of a better life through empowered entrepreneurship. The Phineas Wright House is thrilled to partner with Elimu Girls, a sewing college in Kenya that offers a 2-year boarding program that gives young women a voice, a choice, and a bank account as they take their skills back to their villages and start their own sewing business! It’s epic and gorgeous and such an honor to be a part of! A portion of every dollar from our workshops and events goes to support this amazing organization.

I didn’t know where or how this desire would take shape but I believed that it was there waiting for me and now I feel so incredibly blessed to step into this dreamy barn life and share it with you. I invite you to join me for a day in the life of a west coast wedding planner turned east coast barn lover as the story of this small New England farm continues to unfold, expand, inspire, and grow far beyond our beautiful barn doors.

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